3. Integrating the cancel interface

Last updated: 2019-4-8

For detailed description of request & response parameters, please refer to the API Documentation

During the payment process of a transaction, it is possible to encounter issues such as system exception or network accessibility. In such a scenario, you need to reverse the transaction. To implement this reversing, we would like to highlight the notes of below:

  1. In this integration, please use the CANCEL to reverse a transaction, and the interface name is: alipay.acquire.cancel;
  2. For a transaction that has been successfully paid, the CANCEL is able to refund the transaction within the transaction day (GMT+8).;
  3. Comparing with the REFUND service, if a transaction can be refunded by this CANCEL interface, the transaction fee that hass been charged by Alipay will always be refunded as well;
  4. For a transaction has encountered technical issues during making the payment, the CANCEL is able to roll back all the actions have been performed in the Alipay system regarding the specific transaction;
  5. For the full list of parameters and error code of this CANCEL service, please refer the interface API document for details.

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