4. Integrating the refund interface

Last updated: 2019-4-17

For detailed description of request & response parameters, please refer to the API Documentation

For a transaction that has been successfully paid, the customer can request the merchant for refunding as long as the refunding period is still valid, and the merchant can make use of the refunding interface to complete the refunding, as illustrated.
For the integration of the refunding service, we woulkd like to highlight:

  1. The refunding service name is: alipay.acquire.overseas.spot.refund (REFUND);
  2. To refund a transaction, the interface REVERSE is applicable as long as the refunding period has not expired yet;
  3. the refunding of a transaction can be full or partial, i.e. the refunding amount can respectively be the same as or less than the original transaction amount that has been paid; furthermore, for a transaction, multiple refunding request is allowed provided the sum of the amount of the multiple refunding request is less than or equal with the original transaction amount.

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