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Last updated: 11/22/2019

Client-side DEMO&SDK

iOS v15.5.9  Demo&SDK

Android v15.6.8: Demo&SDK
iOS SDK is adapted to iPhoneX, and supports IPv6_only network and ATS security standards.


Starting with version 15.6.8, the Android SDK packaging has been updated to AAR. If you still need to use the Android SDK in JAR format, you can download the following 15.5.5 resources:

iOS&Android v15.5.5: Demo&SDK

If the error UTDID冲突 (UTDID conflict) occurs, use the following resources:

Android v15.6.8: SDK

iOS v15.5.9: SDK 

iOS&Android v15.5.5(JAR): SDK


The following table shows the details of applications of SDK-15.5.5 SDK-15.5.9, and SDK-15.6.8 for different products.

APISDK-15.5.5 (iOS&Android)

SDK-15.5.9 (iOS)

SDK-15.6.8 (Android)Sandbox test supported (Android ) app) app) Wallet-SKD)/

To configure the sandbox environment before calling the payment interface of the SDK, you need to call the following function:


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