1. Q : Why does it state Refund Completed on the order detail page when I have not received my refund?

    A : When you see Refund Completed on the order detail page, this means that the refund has been completed by AliExpress. The refund is then handled by your bank, card issuer or clearing organization. They may require between 7 and 15 business days to fully complete your refund.
    If you are still unable to receive the refund after the above timeframe, please directly contact your bank or credit card issuer for advice.

  2. Q : I have requested a refund. Where will my refund be sent?

    A : If you made a payment with funds in your Alipay Wallet, then the refund will be made to your Alipay Wallet. If you used other payment methods, you can choose your refund to be made to the original payment method or your Alipay Wallet.
    To select the account you wish to receive refund, visit https://intl.alipay.com/user/profile.htm.

  3. Q : What payments methods can I use?

    A : You can use VISA, MasterCard, QIWI, Maestro, Boleto, WebMoney, Yandex.Money, TEF, Western Union, Bank Transfer and Alipay Wallet. More payment options will be available on AliExpress.com in the future.

  4. Q : Why did my MasterCard/Visa payment fail?

    A : The following reasons can cause payment failures when placing an order:
    ● Verification failure
    ●3-D security code check failure
    ●Card security code failure
    ●Insufficient funds
    ●Account limit exceeded
    For more information please visit: http://help.aliexpress.com/paymentfail.html.

  5. Q : What are the requirements when verifying my identity?

    A : The following are acceptable forms of ID:
    ●A scan of your passport's picture page, personal information page and the outside cover
    ●A scan of both sides of your personal ID
    ●A scan of both sides of your driver’s license
    To view examples, visit: https://intl.alipay.com/help/exampleKYC.htm

  6. Q : I forgot my Alipay account password. What should I do?

    A : To reset your password:
    ●Select Alipay Wallet as your payment method
    ●Click on Forgot Password on the checkout page
    ●Enter your registered email address
    ●Check the email that follows and follow the instructions
    ●Your password will be reset when you answer two security questions
    If you have forgotten both of your passwords and the answer to your security questions, contact us by e-mail here: https://iclive.alipay.com/offline/contactUs.htm

  7. Q : My card has expired/been stolen. Can you return the money to a new card?

    A : For expired cards, the refund is processed automatically by the system after the order is completed. In cases where your card has been stolen, we can only return funds to your original card in order to protect your money.
    If you are facing the above circumstances, please contact your bank as soon as possible for assistance.

  8. Q : Can AliExpress speed up refunds?

    A : Unfortunately, the refund is processed by bank systems automatically. AliExpress is not able to speed up refunds.

  9. Q : I have recharged my balance. When will the funds be available for me to make purchases?

    A : The time taken for recharging your balance is similar to making a payment:
    ●Boleto: Within 7 business days
    ●Western Union : Within 3 business days
    ●Webmoney : Instant
    ●Bank Transfer : Within 7 business days
    If encounter any problem during the recharge process, please contact us by e-mail: https://iclive.alipay.com/offline/contactUs.htm

  10. Q : Can I withdraw funds after charging my account?

    A : Unfortunately this function is currently unavailable.

Still have problems? Please email us.